SAFETY. Victims and their children can stay in our emergency shelter where all of their basic needs are provided. A caring advocate team is ready to help them through the emotional devastation left after violence.

Families staying in our shelter will be assigned their own bedroom, equipped with a restroom. There is a shared living room, kitchen, quiet room, laundry facility, children's play rooms, and a playground in the backyard. We can provide limited childcare for the children of parents staying in our shelter.

If you feel that you need to utilize our shelter, please call us at 405-624-3020, or 1-800-624-3020, and our shelter staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Pets are members of the family. Wings of Hope is delighted to be a recipient of the Red Rover Safe Housing program. In partnership with the Cohn Pet Facility at OSU and local veterinary partners including Trinity Veterinary Hospital, this grant ensures leaving a pet is not a barrier for families needing emergency shelter and services due to domestic violence.